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Firing Up The Fireworks Again

Independence day is around the corner and there are still many places that allow individuals to purchase and set off fireworks. Some cities get it. It pollutes the environment,is dangerous and has nothing to do with “personal freedom”. The good news is that injury rates have gone down while industry sales have gone up. But,people are using less. Perhaps due to public shows becoming more popular while more locations are outlawing individual use. Take a look at some of these statistics from the America Pyrotechnics Association:

Graph provided by Bad Firecracker

Graph provided by Bad Firecracker

Graph provided by Bad Firecracker

Additional things to think about:

    Approximately 9300 people nationwide are seriously injured by fireworks every year.

    About 40% of all fireworks related injuries are due to illegal fireworks that have been banned by the Consumer Product Safety Commission.

    About 45% of injuries from fireworks are incurred by kids under 14 years of age.

    Every year about 400 Americans lose sight in one or both eyes due to fireworks.

    Fireworks contribute to more than 20,000 fires every year.

    Approximately 4 people will die this year in the U.S from fireworks.

    Children between the ages of 5 and 9 have the highest rate of firework related injuries.

Preschoolers in particular are most at risk. If you can read the above and still feel that it’s worth putting a sparkler in your child’s hand remember:it may not be you or your child who gets hurt. It’s beyond me why people think it’s a good idea to let a child wave a bottle rocket around and say it’s ok because it’s a holiday. It’s not alright to play with fire and eventually someone will get hurt. Go to a public display and enjoy the beauty and splendor of lights high in the sky. Create memories of fun family times watching them together. It’s cheaper,safer and you’ll be showing your child to respect things that can burn.

If you have a story to share regarding individual use of fireworks,please do.

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