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Back-To-School Preschool Nutrition Basics

With preschool children returning to school,they need the best nutritional choices available for optimal health,learning and fun.

When shopping for foods,think about not just what is healthy but what is quick,easy to eat,appealing to your child’s palate and affordable. If you’re not sure,the following suggestions can help you maneuver through the grocery store aisles quickly. Stock up on these basics:

* Whole grain bagels,tortillas,crackers,muffins,cereals and bread
* Low-fat granola
* String cheese and other low-fat individually wrapped cheeses
* Low-fat yogurt
* Tuna kits
* Lean sliced turkey
* Canned chicken
* Canned soups
* Whole baby carrots
* Bananas
* Fresh fruit
* Peanut butter
* Low sugar jams/jelly
* Celery sticks
* Prepackaged salads

Children can snack on any of these things after school and you won’t need to worry they’re eating too many calories or eating too much of the wrong things.

Next,be sure that you are prepared if you’re sending a lunch to school with your child. Most lunches have been found to fail the temperature test,which makes them risky to eat. If you’re sending your child to school with a home packed lunch,invest in the following items as well:

* Wide mouth steel thermos
* Regular steel thermos
* Freezer cooler packs,to be used like ice
* Insulated lunch box or bag
* Plastic boxes with partitions for various foods
* Square plastic sandwich boxes

In just a few minutes each day you can make sure your preschooler eats a nutritious lunch or afternoon snack that will boost brain function. Sandwiches,soups,salads,fruit and whole grain foods are simple to find,tasty to most children and affordable. Remember to make a little extra of the foods your child likes most for dinner and send the leftovers for lunch,such as pasta or casseroles. Homemade soups can be frozen in single serve containers and heated in the microwave before being placed in a thermos. The ideas are really endless if you stick with the healthiest low-fat,low-salt foods and pack plenty of fresh fruits and veggies. It’s bound to be better than what they will get in school.

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