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Please help us tell legislators,Michelle Obama and the 'Let's Move' campaign team how strongly we feel that daily physical activity should be part of the curriculum in every preschool or daycare center. Young children desperately need our help to show that we care about their health,future risk of heart disease,diabetes and obesity. Too often childhood obesity prevention turns into intervention and overlooks preschool children all together. Please sign the petition below and ask others to do the same. Be sure to check your spam file for a confirmation email - you need to click the link in it to confirm you're a person (only 25 people who signed are listed below so don't worry if you don't see your name).


I support the idea that daily physical activity should be part of a preschool child's day. Childcare centers need encouragement,incentives and financial help finding and instituting quality physical education experiences for all children enrolled at their facilities. American children are showing early signs of heart disease,diabetes and obesity as young as age two. We need widespread age-appropriate fitness programming for our youngest children.


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18 comments to Sign Petition:Please Put Physical Fitness In Preschools

  • Many schools are focusing on academics,but fail to realize exercise is very important to foster growth and will also make a child feel confident within themselves.

  • Robyn Stuart

    Early Intervention and training is the key to changing any behavior. Parents need to be educated as well prior to children being born. MODEL THE BEHAVIOR BEFORE AND AFTER THEY ARE BORN!

  • Marianne Monti

    This is a fabulous program. Our kids need our help they have become a society of screen time kids. Their lives are virtual. We need to get them moving and running and jumping again. This program does just that. We need to give our babies the foundation young so it remains with them for their lifetimes.

  • Cynthia Hervey

    Thank God. I’m a personal trainer at a YMCA and we recently got childcare in our Y. They are there NOT by accident. I was asked if I would be interested in doing a fitness time with them What an opportunity for ALL of us. In your own neighborhoods,bring back some of the OLD games that you all had played when imagination was KEY. Stick ball,kick the can,red-rover,hide and seek,tag,freeze tag,Mother May I,ring around the rosie,twirling,jump rope with twirling,hop-scotch,racing via feet,bike riding,hoola hoop…..what about swinging–I mean a playground. Go back to your youth for a visit and look at the equipment as a ‘workout.’We mimmick many things on the playground IN our gyms. Thanks for listening. Cynthia

  • Ms. Kat

    this is an awsome way to start children of all ages to stay fit and healthy. In a day care setting I believe it should be a must. I do it with my day care kids and they love it.

  • I believe that movement patterns and physical fitness will only be a segment of what needs to be done. If parents have unhealthy eating patterns,the kids will adobt these habbits –and even daily physical fittnes can not beat a calory / fatty diet.

    So how do make an intervention in the parents eating habbits?

    Best regards Jacob –Denmark.

  • Good idea,i must start with this in my school.Cheers

  • Rhonda Shay

    The earlier the better and the parents learn too.

  • Lisa Hrehor

    This letter should be sent to the National Association for Health,Physical Education,Recreation and Dance along with the request to have this agenda item placed on their web site as well as that of all the states. I will be forwarding this on to my colleagues in NY and to the Pre-school my daughter attends.

  • Lisa Washington

    I could not agree more! Thank you so much for starting this petition Michele!

  • Loretta Kosanovich

    Start now for a healthy lifestyle! Parents,too.

  • Lori Cox

    I believe that introducing and encouraging a healthy lifestyle at an early age is essential and necessary for our families and for society.
    I feel that preschools are a perfect place to create longterm healthy habits for children!
    Learning about nutritional foods,the importance of sleep for a strong mind and body,and the teaching the joy of movement is a fantastic process of learning for our school systems to embrace.

  • Hi Kelli –you can use the link at the top of the page: and put it in a Facebook message to your members. Or go to our KID-FIT,P.E. Classes for Preschoolers page on Facebook here: Thanks for helping!

  • Those signing the petition,look for the confirmation email otherwise your name won’t be counted. You need to click the link in the email sent to you to verify you’re a real person.



  • Malinda Herr

    Great job!!

  • Ken Handwerker

    The Key to Addressing the Long Term effects of Childhood Obesity is to provide Preschool Physical Fitness programs that address in a fun and educational manner the proper exercise,diet and resting habits in the foundation years so children will not depart from them when they grow older.

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