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What Will Result From The “Let’s Move!”Childhood Obesity Prevention Campaign?

Tell us what you think will come out of Michelle Obama’s new campaign to fight childhood obesity.

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  • Hello!
    I’ll be 50 years old this year. I’ve be an athlete since middle school. I love exercise. I’m one of the fortunate ones.
    Kids today are in trouble. My company has a product line of healthy snacks call Snazzle Snaxxs. We developed Snazzle Snaxxs after hundreds of people told us their kids were having real issues with junk food:issues that ranged from difficult behavior to poor grades. Our research showed that certain ingredients and chemicals in food cause kids to get “addicted”to the food while causing energy highs and lows and weight gain. Plus,those foods were missing many ingredients-like vitamins,minerals,and essential omega fatty acids- that can help kids perform well in school. Some of the finest work on the sugar response and childhood obesity has done by David Ludwig,MD,PhD,at Harvard Medical School. HIs amazing book on this subject:“Ending the Food Fight”is a key part of our program. Its a book every parent in America should read. Other research shows just how much the lack of vitamins,minerals and other essential ingredients can affect academic performance and behavior. We’ve only just begun. I’m here to spread the word. If you’d like to know more please give me a call at 571-830-0766 or contact me via email at

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