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Please help us tell legislators,Michelle Obama and the ‘Let’s Move’campaign team how strongly we feel that daily physical activity should be part of the curriculum in every preschool or daycare center. Young children desperately need our help to show that we care about their health,future risk of heart disease,diabetes and obesity. Too often childhood obesity prevention turns into intervention and overlooks preschool children all together. Please sign the petition below and ask others to do the same. Be sure to check your spam file for a confirmation email –you need to click the link in it to confirm you’re a person (only 25 people who signed are listed below so don’t worry if you don’t see your name).


I support the idea that daily physical activity should be part of a preschool child’s day. Childcare centers need encouragement,incentives and financial help finding and instituting quality physical education experiences for all children enrolled at their facilities. American children are showing early signs of heart disease,diabetes and obesity as young as age two. We need widespread age-appropriate fitness programming for our youngest children.

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