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Advocates For Preschool Fitness:Why Is The Fitness Industry Absent?

I’ve been teaching preschool fitness since 1994. During the early years I tried to rally and get the fitness industry and their organizing bodies on board. But,they weren’t interested. The years went by. I saw the focus on all kinds of gadgets,gimmicks and superbly choreographed routines. Still no one in fitness was interested [...]

What Will Result From The “Let’s Move!”Childhood Obesity Prevention Campaign?

Tell us what you think will come out of Michelle Obama’s new campaign to fight childhood obesity.

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Should Preschools Be Required To Teach Healthy Eating Habits?

I was disgusted but not surprised by a blog comment I read last week underneath an article about Michelle Obama’s new childhood obesity campaign. It’s copied below or you can read it for yourself here: (all the way down,look for comment from saddle4545) A parent stated the following:

“My daughter’s weight problem stated [...]