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Welcome Preschool Fitness Enthusiasts !

Welcome to our brand new blog,devoted just to preschool health and fitness. We want to hear all of your concerns related to the topic. In fact,for the first three who post a comment that we discuss further within the next month,we’ll give away a free downloadable “Building Healthy Lifestyle Habits Cookbook”.


‘Smarties’Make You Smart?

When my son was 12 he had the opportunity to take a sample PSAT exam at school. The principal thought it would be a good way to prepare children for taking important tests in the future. Tests they’ll need to take to get into college.

We made sure he got a good night’s sleep and [...]

Still Smokin’After All These Years

Does anyone remember those chalky candy cigarettes we used to suck and chomp on during our formative years? You know,the ones that had the little red end to symbolize a burning tobacco stick? With all the advances we’ve made in educating people on the hazards of smoking you would think that those little babies [...]