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Preschool Pumpkin Fun –Don’t Throw Out Those Pumpkins!

Once Halloween comes and goes,you may find yourself with a pumpkin or two to toss out. But wait! Don’t throw away those pumpkins,carved or not. Not until you’ve given your child a chance to learn and have some more fun with them.

1 –For carved pumpkins,cut a third of the top [...]

Helping Your Preschooler Get Fit In 2012

It’s the beginning of a new year. The holidays have passed. Your schedule is back to normal. The cookies and candy are gone. Maybe you’ve started a fitness program for yourself,to kick off a healthful resolution. Or,you’re trying to eat better and cut back on portions. But,what are you doing to help [...]

Jan. 28th Is National Preschool Fitness Day –Help Promote It!

The last Friday in January is National Preschool Health and Fitness Day. Whether you’re a teacher,school director,club owner or parent it’s important to support physical fitness for preschool children. Here are some reasons why:

1. Childhood obesity is now recognized as having its roots during the preschool years. Recent studies have even indicated [...]

Are YOU Ready To Promote Preschool Fitness This School Year?

It’s almost back to school time. For preschoolers,teachers may be wondering how they can integrate simple fitness activities into a typical preschool day. With the current focus on obesity prevention and the obvious need for exercise on a daily basis,preschool teachers may find the following suggestions helpful:

Start With A Warm-Up Even though [...]

How To Tell If Your Preschooler Is Headed To Be Fit Or Fat?

Children age 5 and younger may seem like they have a lifetime to get and stay fit. In reality,they’re already showing risk factors for adult diseases such as heart disease,stroke,diabetes,cancer and more. By looking at a preschool child,it isn’t always evident whether or not there will be an obesity problem [...]

Advocates For Preschool Fitness:Why Is The Fitness Industry Absent?

I’ve been teaching preschool fitness since 1994. During the early years I tried to rally and get the fitness industry and their organizing bodies on board. But,they weren’t interested. The years went by. I saw the focus on all kinds of gadgets,gimmicks and superbly choreographed routines. Still no one in fitness was interested [...]

Preschool Activity Poll:How much time do you REALLY spend being active with your child?

Take this quick poll and to see how much we (parents and educators) are helping to keep our kids fit!

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Preschool Children’s Fitness Tax Credit:Canada Gets It

If you type into Google,‘preschool fitness tax credit’,you’ll see 3 pages of information links on how parents can earn up to $500 of tax relief on fitness programming expenses for preschoolers. Sounds great,right? How can you get started? Well if you live in Canada you’re all set. If you live in the [...]

Preschool Fitness Programs Aid Economic Cash Flow

Preschool Fitness Programs = Increased Cash Flow [...]

Welcome Preschool Fitness Enthusiasts !

Welcome to our brand new blog,devoted just to preschool health and fitness. We want to hear all of your concerns related to the topic. In fact,for the first three who post a comment that we discuss further within the next month,we’ll give away a free downloadable “Building Healthy Lifestyle Habits Cookbook”.