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Preschool Mental Health: Does Your Child Need Help?

It seems like every day we hear another story about some whacked out nut case blowing up something or going on a shooting rampage. There’s the Colorado theater shooter,Sandy Hook Elementary slaying,Boston Marathon bombers and now the bus driver kidnapper. These people have serious mental issues. Mental issues that,in every case,surfaced [...]

Preschool Parents:Oblivious or What?

When my son was little I made a horrendous mistake at the grocery store checkout stand –I let him stand up in the back of the basket and when he reached over the cart to put something on the checkout line,he fell out and landed on his head screaming. My world was immediately [...]

Protecting Preschool Children:What Ticks You Off?

I was reading a Twitter post the other day about how offended a fellow preschool educator was when hearing adults use the “F”word in public,around children. She told the staff in a YMCA about it and the offenders were reprimanded.

I immediately thought of the numerous times that I rushed to the aid [...]

Depression in Preschool Children

“In a five-year study of 1,758 children born in Quebec and their mothers,15 per cent of preschoolers suffered from atypically high levels of depression and anxiety,researchers reported in the Journal of Child Psychology and Psychiatry.”

Who would think that children barely ready for Kindergarten would already be on their way to mental illness? [...]