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Preschool Mental Health: Does Your Child Need Help?

It seems like every day we hear another story about some whacked out nut case blowing up something or going on a shooting rampage. There’s the Colorado theater shooter,Sandy Hook Elementary slaying,Boston Marathon bombers and now the bus driver kidnapper. These people have serious mental issues. Mental issues that,in every case,surfaced [...]

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Preschool Christmas Gifts in Everyone’s Budget

It’s the holiday season and times are tough. You want your child to have the best yet may not have money to buy the latest toy or trendy gadget. Don’t worry. Preschool children do not have their heart set on special toys –not yet. That’s the thinking of an adult. There are plenty of [...]

Preschool Pumpkin Fun –Don’t Throw Out Those Pumpkins!

Once Halloween comes and goes,you may find yourself with a pumpkin or two to toss out. But wait! Don’t throw away those pumpkins,carved or not. Not until you’ve given your child a chance to learn and have some more fun with them.

1 –For carved pumpkins,cut a third of the top [...]

National Childhood Obesity Awareness Month: Ways To Help Your Preschool Child

It’s National Childhood Obesity Awareness Month. What are you doing to help make sure your child won’t become obese? There’s so many ways you can help instill healthy lifestyle habits. Try some of the tips below this month and see where they take you…

1 –Designate An Eat-At-Home Week. Ask for suggestions and help [...]

New Preschool Year: 10 Things to Ask For The Wellbeing of Your Child

The new school year is just about here. When you drop off your child at preschool this year will you be confident that he/she will learn healthy habits and be happy? If it’s your first experience with leaving your child it may be stressful for both of you. Your child may struggle with separation anxiety [...]

Firing Up The Fireworks Again

Independence day is around the corner and there are still many places that allow individuals to purchase and set off fireworks. Some cities get it. It pollutes the environment,is dangerous and has nothing to do with “personal freedom”. The good news is that injury rates have gone down while industry sales have gone up. [...]

Feeding Your Preschooler:What Makes A Cereal “Healthy”?

If you have a young child or take care of one,you want to make sure you’re offering the most nutritious food available. Especially when it comes to breakfast cereals. Even though a preschool child will ask for a particular brand of cereal,remember that there are a number of factors that weigh into the [...]

Easy to Make Shakers For Preschool Fitness Fun!

This is the time of year you’ll see colorful plastic Easter eggs just about everywhere you shop. If you don’t need them for a fun egg hunt,purchase them and make some really durable musical instrument shakers. The children love the colors,they hold up over repeated use and are super simple to make. Here’s [...]